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  How to contact us?





How to contact us?


 1  Email





For any remark, comment or specific query concerning the website, you can contact us privately by email at the following address: .


 2  Discussion forum





The forum (Menu bar - "Forum" option) allows you to contribute to discussion topics we have initiated and favors exchanges between the forum members.


 3  Guestbook





If you want to express publicly your opinions and comments in relation to the website, a guestbook is available (Menu bar - “Guestbook” option).


 4  Mailing list / Site recommendation / RSS feed





If you wish to be kept informed of the evolution and updates of the website, please fill this contact form. Moreover, if you wish to recommend to a friend, simply fill the following form. Finally, a RSS feed presenting update news and recent information about the site is available as well.


 5  "Spread Firefox" community





We are members of "SpreadFirefox" (, the official community marketing website of the Mozilla Foundation dedicated to the promotion of Firefox. If you are yourself a member, you can contact us by private messaging. In this end, please use candx as recipient name. If you want to join the "SpreadFirefox" community, please follow this link.

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