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  About us...


 is entirely produced and maintained by a small team of three people.

  The Model

The Model

Without this 31 years-old woman, this website would not exist; this for three major reasons:
First of all, she is at the origin of the idea to create a novel and unusual promotional site dedicated to the Firefox web browser by creating a campaign mixing glamour, humor and aestheticism.
Secondly, in the team, she contributes in seeking ideas for the visual design of the campaign, helped by "The Photographer".
Finally, last but not least, she is the exclusive model for the entire campaign presented in this site.
Concerning this point, she is not at all a professional model and her job is very distant from the fashion, media and advertising worlds. In consequence this site is her first experience and she hopes that this project will have a certain success and will humbly contribute to spread the word about Firefox.

  The Photographer

The Photographer

"The Photographer", 31 years-old too, directs and produces photographs that will constitute the advertisement campaign presented in this site.
"The Photographer", like "The Model", is not a fashion or media professional. He has discovered photography at 15 and his training started with a .
Transition to digital photography was performed progressively: in a first time, thanks to the Adobe Photoshop software with which "The Photographer" made his first digitally processed shots, then later thanks to the acquisition of a whole digital camera setup.
In consequence, all the pictures from this site have been shot with the Panasonic DMC-FZ20, a five mega pixels digital camera equipped with a remarkable optics. At last, these pictures were digitally processed and finalized with Photoshop CS2.

  The Programmer

The Programmer

Close friend for 10 years of "The Model" and "The Photographer", "The Programmer" gives life to the pictures of the campaign by remodeling them into screensavers.
This 33 years-old man has great versatility personified in multiple technical domains including, among others, computing. Between debugging a PHP script, mending various electrical and electronical systems, optimizing a mySQL base, securing a LAN network or designing Web sites, he keeps some time to code the modular screensavers available for download on our site.
Build with , it mainly uses SVG, language for which "The Programmer" is a regular user and supporter.

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